Henna Artist

Mehndi is the natural art of using the henna plant as a means to decorate and temporarily tattoo the skin. It is traditionally used for wedding ceremonies in Asia as it is believed to bring good fortune, nowadays as well as the more traditional designs it can be used in a more contemporary fashion with modern designs and unusual designs.

Pamper your guests with a beautiful temporary henna tattoo for any event, wedding, birthday, promotional or corporate.

Henna tattoos are temporary and painless, gradually fading over the course of two weeks. We can offer

  • Traditional Henna tattoo
  • Glitter and crystals tattoo

Our highly talented artists will make you and your guests feel extra special with exclusive and unique designs. You will be amazed at how fast they work and the high standard of their work.

Alternatively, our artists can work to your own chosen design.

Our henna artists have been used at corporate evenings and functions to entertain guests as well as parties and for Bridal Mehndi. Talk to us about henna tattoo themed designs for your promotional event.