Tribal Dance- for a unique team building experience

Tribal Dance is an organic trance dance company. Through percussions, didgeridoo, powerful drums and ethereal vocals, the group creates music that enables a natural alteration creating the feelings of deep rejoicing and release though total dance immersion.

The group advocates not using drugs and alcohol. The ecstasy comes purely through their music. It is a uniquely distinctive show creating a unifying journey for its participants.

Your guests will be blown away by this amazing phenomena

Your staff will have a deeply liberating experience as they collectively take part in dynamic team-building activities; often people report having had major personal and professional growth.

Tribal Dance will produce measurable results and immeasurable memories.

The Story…

The seed for the Tribal Dance came from a journey Amir Ya’akoby took in Africa, where he encountered an original ancient ceremony that took place between two tribes. The purpose of the ceremony was to get into a state of bliss using only natural means such as drumming and dancing. The ceremony left a deep impression on Amir and wanting to share the experience and pass it onward, Amir formed “Tribal Dance” – four outstanding musicians who transport their enthusiasm for the music to the crowd, creating a unique and magical environment for people of all ages to BE themselves, to let the music sweep them away.

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