Harem Corporate Team Building
Do you want to have an unusual team building event for your company’s executives or employees?
Do you want them to know each other more, and work together better?
Do you want them to recognise & support individuals within their team structure, while maintaining group awareness?
While having Harem unique Corporate Team Building you can have it all!
Belly dance workshop

Successful group dynamics depend primarily on three competence factors:
Knowing when to lead
Knowing when to follow
Self discovery is developed
Through open trust in the group process. Self acceptance is enabled by accepting personal strengths and weaknesses and laughing at oneself. Interpersonal awareness is demonstrated through wordless recognition and response, delivered with split second timing
Harem Team Building
Engages groups of people – preferably including both leaders and team members – in a unique learning experience of belly dancing and drumming. We use a range of Middle eastern drums, Darbuka, percussions, audio equipment and dressing up with belly dance accessories. The group is led to master a simple rhythm to which we add other rhythms and sounds, then learn some belly dance moves ensuring everyone participates and enjoys initial success.
The Drum Circle –
Within ten minutes the group is creating original music, to which each player adds. The team’s abilities stretch as additional rhythms are introduced, creating remarkable synergies. Voices and belly dance movements can be added in accord with the group’s confidence and can develop to an amazing tribal experience of a drum circle with belly dance. Peak experiences in our corporate team building workshops are not unusual.
A powerful spirit of teamwork, unity, co-operation, interplay and flow is created that is far beyond conventional corporate team building dynamics.
Your peers will laugh together, play drums dance together and have a great time as a team…losing their tension, opening their hearts and laugh all the way through…
bullet point Belly Dance Workshop-
Have the chance to learn how to move in mysterious ways with a fun and exciting belly dance lesson with a professional belly dance teacher, they will bring some belly dance fancy dressing up to transform you and your friends to ‘look the part’.
bullet point New! Harem nights are pleased to offer Tribal Dance to the U.K. a completely new and fun experience, click for details.

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drum circle
We have successfully delivered theme events and performances for a number of high profile clients, click for details.
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