Moroccan and North African acoustic traditional Band, tribal rhythms, also Drumming circle workshops, Belly Dancing, DJ with Authentic modern and classic Middle Eastern Music.

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Gnawa Music
  Gnawa Music

Gnawa Music is a powerful combination of songs, rhythms and acrobatic dancing. Essaouria in the South of Morocco is the center for Gnawa Music, but the influences are sub-Saharan African, Berber and Arabic .

Moroccan's believe that the Gnawa have the power to heal and can evoke the spirits of ancestors who can ward off evil. It is also thought that they have the ability to cure psychological ailments or remedy scorpion stings.

The music itself is deep and hypnotic trance music, made up of a lot of call and response singing, hand clapping and through the use of traditional instruments such as iron castanets, or Krakebs, the three-sting lute, known as the Hajhuj or Gimbri and the Tbal which are double headed drums.

"The music is both a prayer and a celebration of life"


Watch a recording of the Gnawa Musicians as they perform at the 2009 Destinations Exhibition.


Transform your wedding party, corporate event, birthday party, or reception with our unique Arabian Theme.....

You will be mesmerised by the hypnotic music of the Gnawa musicians, as they play their instruments and dance for your entertainment.

The size of the band can range from one to six musicians, who will play and perform on the highest professional level.

They will create a truly traditional atmosphere, with an intense performance that will excite all of your guests.

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